Good access to Izumo Taisya Shrine, a lodging ryokan "Yumoto Yunokawa" at Yumoto Yunokawa Yunokawa Onsen
Yumoto Yunokawa
Enjoy the marriage and Japan's Top Three Bijin-no-yu (Beauty's Hot Spring) of Japan's Top Three Bijin-no-yu (Beauty's Hot Spring)!

【Official】Yumoto Yunokawa

If you stay near Izumo Taisya Shrine, go to the inn "Yumoto Yunokawa".
The hotel is famous as a god of marriage, a popular tourist spot representing myth and hometown Izumo Good access to Izumo Taisya Shrine.
Izumo Taisya Shrine is crowded with more than 2 million visitors.
Izumo Taisya Shrine has been drawing attention as a power spot in recent years.
From the window of the room you can enjoy a peaceful scenery, so you can relax at ease.
The cuisine is served in the menu of passion for the seasonal ingredients that could be taken in local Sanin.
Please enjoy the fresh seafood and juicy meaty meat.
Please spend a relaxing time at the inn "Yumoto Yunokawa".

Nationwide Travel Assistance "Both relationships and beautiful skin are from Shimane.About Shimane Travel Campaign

  • Target period:December 1st to December 20th, 2023  

    This facility has received additional funding for national travel support.

    The program will end as soon as the budget runs out, so please contact us as soon as possible.
    Please be sure to contact us if you would like nationwide travel support.
    【How to use】
    Presentation of identification card (identity verification)

    For details, please check the official website.
    If you make an online reservation from our website, you will receive a discount at the time of payment.


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Hotel Name

Yumoto Yunokawa


1329-1 Gakuto, Hikawa Town, Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture

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JR Shobara Station is a 15-minute walk. Transportation available (only for those who stay)
Please contact us if you know the time of arrival at JR Shobara Station. Even one person can pick you up.

It is approximately ten minutes by taxi from Izumo Airport.About 10 minutes from Sanindo Shinji IC
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  • Private bath opened in 2011!

    Yunokawa Yunokawa Onsen our inn is one of the Japan's Top Three Bijin-no-yu (Beauty's Hot Spring) Yunokawa Onsen in Japan's Top Three Bijin-no-yu (Beauty's Hot Spring).
    Izumi is sodium, calcium, sulfate and chloride fountain, it contains metasilicic acid which is good for moisturizing so it will make your skin slippery.
    Both the private bath and the large public bath can enjoy it for 24 hours until 9 o'clock the next morning with a sinking sink so please enjoy the hot spring.

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